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Headaches are among one the most common medical conditions and can be caused by high stress, poor neck posture, trauma, or dysfunctional breathing patterns.  

Some people experience mild headaches from time to time or frequent headaches that last for days, severely affecting their quality of life.

What is the cause?

There are many causes for headaches but the most common originates in the neck.  Poor posture at the workstation and inadequate core stability causes extra stress and tension in the shoulders and neck.  Stress and anxiety are also key contributors to persistent headaches.

How do we treat it?

Our main focus is to reduce muscle tension in the neck and head region – this alone is often hugely relieving.  A close emphasis is then placed on good breathing techniques along with postural re-education to reduce further stress on the neck. 

Future treatments focus on improving neck mobility and muscle stability in the neck region along with further posture and core stability education.