The Movement Project - Clinic25
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The Movement Project

At Clinic25 we offer an online platform of exercise sessions that specifically target mobility, core strength and stability. These sessions include movement based practices, specific core stability routines and exercise tutorials.  You will receive an email on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a 45 minute movement based practice as well as access to an ever growing  library of core stability and mobility routines.  The variety of these sessions aim to meet the requirements that are needed to optimise joint and muscle health as well as build strength and stability in different planes of motion.   


Our body relies on good core stability and strength to maintain correct posture and alignment.  It is important for these muscles to have good strength, coordination, balance and endurance to support our movement and generate power in our chosen sport.  Musculoskeletal pain, recurring sports injuries and suboptimal sports performance can often be linked back to how well our muscular system functions.  Join the Movement Project today to maximise your health and performance. 

Improving strength, mobility and stability can help assist with:


  • Sports performance
  • Sports injuries
  • General fitness
  • Lower back discomfort
  • Hip/knee/ankle pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Pre & Post natal rehabilitation